Brighton, England - Colorful, vibrant and bright

Brighton Wheel
To capture a perfect British summer day in our memories forever, me and my friend decided to go to Brighton, England. Located at south coast of Great Britain, Brighton is famous amongst the day trippers from London.

To brighten the already bright sunny day, we got on to the train to Brighton. It was a 50 minutes journey from London Victoria to Brighton which I utilized glazing outside the train's window and hearing burps of an old man who was sitting right next to me concentrating on his food. My friend who was sitting in front of me used his earphones to ignore his funny sounds and I was the unfortunate one who had to bear them. The irritating part was, I was feeling hungry now.

I thanked God as we reached Brighton and got off the train as a prisoner gets off the jail and we rushed towards the exit. The only thing I had in mind now was food. 

Brighton's famous delicacy is Fish 'n' Chips and that was all I was thinking about. While we walked towards the beach which is located 10 minutes walk away from the Brighton station, I kept looking for Fish 'n' Chips restaurants on the way. In order to select the best restaurant, I didn't realize that we actually reached the Brighton beach and as I heard the waves, I forgot my hunger and ran towards the beach like a kid runs towards an ice-cream. 

Brighton beach
Brighton Beach 
I have always felt that water makes me energetic and sounds of the waves, refreshes me and there goes my hunger. I sat quietly and looked at the waves, the sun, kids playing ,couples holding hands and surfers having fun. The beach looked marvelous and so bright that it captured the essence of the name of the place so well. 

Brighton beach

The water was pretty cold despite being a sunny day, but it did not stop me and I went into the water and felt the waves splashing on my feet with sun right above my head and sound of water in my ears. And later I lied under the sun for hours, isn't it just perfect?

Brighton surfing
Surfing at the Brighton Beach 
Relax Mode Activated 
Soon, hunger knocked our stomachs and we grabbed Fish 'n' Chips from the restaurant located along the beach. We chose the restaurant where we saw the most customers assuming it must be famous and we were right. We cherished our lunch but it was not enough for our stomachs. We went ahead to search for something else to taste and then we found sizzling hot dogs which were so tempting and were smelling very good. We went to the shop with our tongues hanging out figuratively and cherished the most amazing hot dogs outside Brighton Pier. As our stomach thanked us for the treat, we entered Brighton pier with a burp!!

Hot Dog!!
Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is a pleasure pier which offers various rides in an amusement park, eating joints, gaming arcade and lot of other fun activities. We checked out all the thrilling rides but only one ride caught our attention. The ride was known as Booster and was one of the most thrilling ride available. We bought the tickets and waited for 45 minutes to get on that ride. The ride lasts only one minute, but it was long enough to raise your adrenaline. A lot of places offer the best views in Brighton but I think Booster takes the game. You spin, you turn upside down, your hands sweat even when you are feeling cold. Booster catapult you above 100 feet in the air whilst suspended over the sea!

Booster Ride at Brighton Pier

The view it offered as I was suspended in the sea was so amazing. It takes punters above 100 feet in the air then drops at an accelerating speed without warning. To crank up the tension, the Booster is a stand-up, floor-less ride which means your legs dangle whilst your ass is perched on a seat resembling a bike saddle. Of course, the force of gravity means you can't move as you're plummeting down towards the sea then vigorously swinging over it but I'm sure it's entirely possible to feel your stomach doing somersaults.

Booster ride facing sea Brighton Pier
That's Booster Facing the Sea

To be honest, it took me lot of courage to get onto the booster as I noticed the mixture of ecstasy and horror on hundreds of rider's faces as they clambered off with shaking legs and that was quite enough for me to place my hand over my heart before boarding! But, I do not regret that for the views I witnessed.

I was no different and got off the ride with shaking legs, eyes wide open and raised hair. After catching our breath, we tried our hands on few betting games and after losing all of them, I was out of pier in no time.

Brighton Pier

While people started the preparations for Barbecue and bonfire along the beach, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the beach near Brighton wheel while observing few seagulls and did some sunset photography.

  Brighton Wheel
Brighton Wheel
  Seagulls at Brighton Beach

The day was almost finished and it went so well that it was hard for us to leave such a lovely place, but we had to. It was getting dark and we walked towards the station with memories of this beautiful place to catch our train. 

Well, to define Brighton in three words, I would say it is colorful, vibrant and definitely bright. Cheers!


  1. beautiful images and description. Esp the last three.

  2. Brilliant captures...and a descriptive post. Seems you had a really good time...I wanna go tooo.... :)

  3. Your photographs brought back some lovely.memories that we have of that place....thanks Himanshu.

  4. I am going here someday for sure, just to get on that Booster!!!


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