Rishikesh - Let's go Rafting

Rafting at Rishikesh
I thought I was kicking some asses while working pretty hard, gradually I realised I was The ass, as I was working like one. Home - Office - Home - Office, life was crawling in between those two worlds. Who likes that? Atleast I don't. Convinced with my thoughts, my office colleagues and me decided to go for some kickass weekend adventure vacation. Considering all the pros and cons and opinions of course, we planned to go to Rishikesh which is famous for river rafting on the holy river Ganges. March to October is perfect for rafting in Rishikesh

Gushaini - Himachal Pradesh (India)


A wise man once said "Not all those who wander are lost". I realized the meaning of this quote while planning this trip. It was summer of 2008 and we needed a break from the hectic office life. My office colleagues and me started planning a vacation a month in advance. We wanted to get out of busy life of Delhi and needed some peace. After lot of discussions, we still were not able to finalize our destination. Few colleagues ditched and few started avoiding the topic as the days passed and the hope of enjoying the vacation started to fade. Five of us including my boss kept our spirits high and made sure that vacation goes as per the plan. We were yet not sure where to go but we had to go somewhere. Finally, the date arrived and we reached office with our packed bags with no destination in mind. Everyone started to question about our destination and our plans. I had no answer but excitement on my face was enough. I could not concentrate on my work out of excitement and still doubt if others did. Though I pretended to work hard everytime my boss looked at me. During break, five of us started to search and consult each other that where should we go? We bookmarked few destinations and started to read about them. Finally, by the end of our shift we had a place to go. So it was Gushaini, Himachal Pradesh. None of us had ever heard about it and I guess that's the beauty.

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