Jaipur Rajasthan (India) - The land of Maharajas

Rajasthan Fort
Most of the places I have travelled to have been majorly planned by me, but this trip belonged to my wife. Well, we both were working hard and needed a short Kit-Kat break so we decided to move our lazy bums to Jaipur,  Rajasthan for a weekend. It was August and monsoon in the North India was in full form. Rain, highway and hands on steering, what else did we need?

My wife planned this trip and few of her colleagues were also joining. We all decided to leave on Friday, 5 am in the morning. Now I don't know why I always become insomniac only a day before travelling. I sat on my computer that night and printed out the map of Jaipur and attractions to see in Jaipur. Though I was going there second time but I was sure there was something more in Jaipur which I did not wish to miss. Forts always fantasise me and I love exploring every aspect of the history as I imagine myself wandering in king's wardrobe (maybe I was king in my previous life, who knows) ;).

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