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Lotus Temple
Most people take their own cities for granted and I was no different until few days ago. Born and bred in Delhi and yet was unaware of it's great history. If you are expecting me to tell you the history of Delhi here, you are at the wrong place. This post isn't about the past, it is about the present. It is about the small things that will make you fall in love with Delhi. It is about the people, it is about the experience.

Not so long ago, on a Sunday morning, I was traveling in Metro and I saw a man in his late 30s (not very well dressed) traveling along with his six or seven year old son. He was answering all his son's questions about whatever he could see outside the metro's window. I still remember the joy on that kid's face looking outside. Besides a great transportation mode, I never expected Delhi metro to be beneficial like this and help a dad to bring a smile on his son's face.

I remember when my car broke down in mid way and I was waiting for the car helpline, meanwhile a tempo driver pulled along and helped me to get started and when I tried to pay the driver for his efforts, he refused and left with a smile. Well, I never expected that, at-least not in Delhi. It changed my perspective totally.

A city which is as modern as it is traditional, where beliefs and facts go hand in hand. Where historical monuments stand with pride along with high rise buildings.

A city where so many cultures exists together and all festivals are celebrated with joy and fun.  A city which looks lively each day. A city which has accommodated many cities in itself. Well, where else can it happen? Only in Delhi.

Horn OK Please

          Horn OK Please

"Horn OK Please"  Did you know that this phrase was not always a mere decorative whim of Indian truck drivers. It originated as a serious cautionary indication during the World war II. Kerosene fueled trucks were used then for movement of troops. Highly unstable in nature, Kerosene would cause the trucks to explode, at the slightest accident, hence it was painted on them, "Horn Please, On Kerosene".

You must have also witnessed another famous phrase "OK TATA BYE BYE". The theory behind this phrase is that as most of the Indian trucks are manufactured by TATA, and the word TATA is also synonym to Bye. Wishing someone Goodbye, one commonly says OK Tata.  

However, I still do not know why some quotes are written behind the Indian trucks. In some trucks, they are written in a very colorful and innovative way. Someone told me that they are written to entertain and to relax the stressed drivers. What do you think?

Into the Wild


Well, this post isn't actually something about me going into the wild literally, but given the current lifestyle and hectic schedule where you are worried about presentations and clients, going to a zoological park meant as much as visiting a wild life sanctuary to me. Though I had been there as a kid, but watching all these wild animals now as well really astonished me. I do feel bad as they are kind of stuck in their cages, but they also bring smile on lot of kids faces, but that is no excuse, is it? However, I am sure that authorities are taking good care of them. 

I flaunted my Canon digital camera like a costly DSLR and managed to capture some interesting pictures. No matter how bad photographer I am, but I always like my photographs on Facebook.

5 Things to Avoid While Traveling

There are two types of people in the world, those who love traveling, those who don't. Planning a trip, scheduling and packing might be difficult for the later ones. Well, there is nothing much we can do to make them fall in love with travel but, there are few things that can make a journey lot smoother.

There are five things that one must avoid while traveling:
  1. Heavy Suitcase/Backpack: Carrying heavy luggage is a strict No. You don't want yourself to be taking care of too much stuff you brought along by just a thought of you might need it. Make sure to carry only those things that are important to you. To make a list of the important items, read this Travel Itinerary.
  2. Heavy Food and Unhygienic Food: No matter how inviting it seems, be strong and avoid eating heavy food and unhygienic food as it might upset your stomach. I am not saying that you should not try other cuisine or street food, but make sure it is hygienic and quality is maintained.
  3. Avoid Keeping All Your Cash Together: It is good to keep your cash at separate locations. This will help you in case of an emergency or theft.
  4. Limit Your Talks with Strangers: This doesn't mean that do not mix up with the locals, but make sure you don't disclose too much about yourself to them. You never know who that person is.
  5. Choose Your Hotel Wisely: There have been too many scams already, so make sure you choose your hotel properly. If you are on a planned vacation, make sure to read about the hotel, research about it before booking. TripAdvisor is the best source available. In case of an unplanned vacation, you have to be aware and must follow your instincts.
Keep exploring, keep traveling!


The latest buzz around is the closing of Google reader. I am pretty sure it will leave us stranded in between as it is a great source for feeds. Well, there is nothing much we can do about it but to look for alternatives. Bloglovin is one platform that I have joined, please follow me there and so shall I. 

Keep Blogging!

Surajkund Mela (Faridabad, Haryana) India

Surajkund Mela
Surajkund International Crafts Mela is one of the most popular and oldest fair that showcases finest art, handicrafts, handlooms and rich cuisines from India and from other countries. Various artists from all over the country and neighboring countries display their best crafts work in a rural ambience which will capture your heart. Surajkund is a delight for shopaholics  foodies, children and interior designers. 

If I have to put myself in any of the above mentioned categories, I will definitely fit best in foodies category. To be honest, that would be the only category I will fit in. As I entered, the first thing I noticed was the food court. If you are thinking I searched for the food court deliberately, let me make myself clear, I did not. I found it as I entered, trust me, it was planted there. Now that I was already in the food court, I tried few cuisines from Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat and Delhi's stalls. 

How to Pack Light

Are you tired of heavy backpacks or heavy suitcases? Believe me, everyone is. Well, there are few ways by which you can minimize your luggage and you can make your trip more enjoyable.

  1. Coordinating Clothes: This will minimize the burden of carrying too many clothes. Shades of white, black, gray, blue are best ones to carry as they will save you from mix and match worries.
  2. Appropriate Shoes: You don't want to carry too many shoes with you, do you? Choose an appropriate pair of shoes according to your destination and types of activities you are planning to indulge in. Just a pair of flip flops are appropriate for a beach vacation or sports shoes for an adventurous vacation.
  3. Avoid Too Many Electronic Gadgets: If you are planning to carry multiple electronic items, you will definitely have to carry their chargers as well which will increase your luggage. Try keeping them as minimal.
  4. Minimize Toiletries Items: The less, the better. In fact you can carry the items which are available in smaller sizes. Keep them together in a packet to avoid any leakages. Also, if you are staying in a hotel or resort, remember, they will provide you these anyhow. 
Keep exploring, keep traveling.

Warm regards,
Being Traveler

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