Battersea Power Station - Is this the End or the Beginning?

Battersea Power-Station

It can be difficult to let history go and even more challenging to preserve it. Battersea Power Station is one fine example for this statement.

The Battersea power station is the largest brick building in Europe and is notable for its original, lavish Art Deco interior fittings. The building was opened up to visitors for the last time look inside their favorite landmark as a part of the Open House project, London, before it undergoes a radical multi-billion pound redevelopment into offices and flats. Do you think I could afford to lose this chance? I used to see this marvelous building everyday on my way to work and back home without even knowing much about it. But today, I finally got the chance to be the part of it's history and experience it's past. No, my name is not going to be written in golden words or anything, but I did manage to mark my presence at the last visit to the premises ever before its redevelopment.

Science Museum, London - Step into the World of Inventions

Ever wondered what it would feel like to step into the lab of some great inventor? A place where once a great scientist worked, experimented, failed, succeeded and most important, invented the things which reshaped the world.

Wouldn't it be a breathtaking experience to see his very own table where he must have spent sleepless nights to benefit the world where we live in; his tools which contributed to bring the world's greatest Industrial revolution?

An inventor who developed the concept of horsepower and the SI unit of power, the watt, was named after him. An inventor whose improvements to the steam engine converted it from a prime mover of marginal efficiency into the mechanical workhorse of the Industrial Revolution. If you are still wondering who I am talking about, without much secret, I am talking about James Watt.

Summers in Zante

Summers in Zante

Summer holidays in Zante are hot stuff. This glorious Greek island is famed for its beauty and long hot summers, where pristine golden sands and azure seas sparkle under cloudless blue skies, and sunbathers bask in the warmth as they stretch out on sunbeds or splash about in the cool Ionian waters.

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