Alwar - The Gateway to Rajasthan, India


I looked at the calendar and noticed next day's date, 14th February, The Valentines day. In few hours, whole world will be celebrating the day with their loved ones, I will have nothing to do "I thought". I called over a friend that night and we planned a road trip. After little research, we had a new place to explore. I called three of my friends who were single too and five of us decided to leave for Alwar in the morning at 7am.

Delhi - Jaipur Highway
Delhi - Jaipur Highway
Alwar, Rajasthan is located at distance of approximately 150kms from New Delhi. I took my car and we all left on time for Alwar. It was Sunday and roads were quite empty as we left. My car was pretty new and she begged me to test her speed limits, but as a responsible citizen, I didn't. I drove at a decent speed and all of us had a gala time enjoying and making of fun of each other. We aimed to reach Alwar by 12pm, but we didn't as we got stuck in massive traffic jam at Behror which wasted our precious 2 hours. None of us have had breakfast by this time so we stopped at Rajasthan tourism restaurant at Behror. Food was decent and hygienic too.

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