Alwar - The Gateway to Rajasthan, India


I looked at the calendar and noticed next day's date, 14th February, The Valentines day. In few hours, whole world will be celebrating the day with their loved ones, I will have nothing to do "I thought". I called over a friend that night and we planned a road trip. After little research, we had a new place to explore. I called three of my friends who were single too and five of us decided to leave for Alwar in the morning at 7am.

Delhi - Jaipur Highway
Delhi - Jaipur Highway
Alwar, Rajasthan is located at distance of approximately 150kms from New Delhi. I took my car and we all left on time for Alwar. It was Sunday and roads were quite empty as we left. My car was pretty new and she begged me to test her speed limits, but as a responsible citizen, I didn't. I drove at a decent speed and all of us had a gala time enjoying and making of fun of each other. We aimed to reach Alwar by 12pm, but we didn't as we got stuck in massive traffic jam at Behror which wasted our precious 2 hours. None of us have had breakfast by this time so we stopped at Rajasthan tourism restaurant at Behror. Food was decent and hygienic too.

Tunnel on the way

Gateway to Alwar
We continued our journey after having breakfast lunch. We were so behind schedule so I decided to fulfil my car's wish and pressed the accelerator hard. Roads were not so good for Alwar and soon the car went through a big pothole. I said sorry to my love and drove wisely afterwards as we passed through some huge tunnel saving it from every pothole on the road. At last we reached Alwar by 2pm. We checked out Alwar fort also known as Bala Qila for which one needs permission to enter from the local authorities and so did we. Located on the top of a hill in the ranges of Aravali, Bala Quila in Alwar offers a complete view of the city. We explored the fort as I felt like some soul from the history. My other friend who suggested this place, was turned into a guide by now as he started telling us the stories about Rajasthan. I was actually astonished by his knowledge but later we all kicked him as he admitted that all stories were fake. We wished to throw him off the great walls of Bala Qila down to the city.

                           Bala Qila board

View from Bala Qila
View from Bala Qila
I did some photography over there as one of my friend started to make out noises like Manjulika (Vidya Balan) in Bhool Bhulaiyaa as we passed through some dark places in the fort. "He must consult a good doctor" I thought as I focused on my photography. We all stood atop of the fort and looked at the beautiful sun shining over the city and it felt so peaceful. I captured those moments in my canon.

Bala Qila wall
Boundary Wall - Bala Qila


Alwar has lot of places to explore like Siliserh lake, Sariska tiger reserve. Unfortunately, we were running out of time, thanks to the traffic jam. It was getting late so we decided to return. We all sat quietly in the car after those peaceful moments, yes our retard friend who was acting like Manjulika was quite too. I drove downhill while some music was playing and suddenly applied breaks as I saw a peacock on the road. I tried to capture him in my canon but he ran away. I was able to capture a glimpse of that peacock. That peacock made everyone excited as we stopped to look at him. We all entered the car and my Manjulika friend was back in action with his PJ's and laughter. I guess that what makes life beautiful, living for the moment. I was bit disappointed about missing other places in Alwar due to lack of time but my friends made me cheer up. Good friends always make your life worth living and worth travelling along ;)


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