Jim Corbett National Park, Uttrakhand, India

Jim Corbett - PC - Nitesh Ranga - Insta ID - @traveller_mate
Has it ever happened with you that you plan to visit a certain place but due to some reason or the other, your plans to visit that place don't materialize? Jim Corbett was one such destination in my list. I planned to visit Jim Corbett in 2009, didn't happen; then I planned for it twice in 2010, didn't work out. I didn't give up and planned again in 2012, but as the fate had it, it got cancelled for some reason or the other. I thought to close this loop in 2016 where I had already set goals for myself to visit the places on my list. Though 2016 for me didn't start as planned since Kerala is also one such destination for which my plans never work out. I had almost booked my tickets for Kerala and researched on Munnar hotels as well, but I ended up in Goa. But now I am happy that finally I made it to Jim Corbett this year.

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