St Paul's Cathedral, London

St Paul Cathedral
St Paul Cathedral
On my first day out while exploring London, I came across St Paul's Cathedral, one of the most famous and most recognizable sights of London. St Paul's Cathedral is a Church of England cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of London and mother church of the Diocese of London.

The present church dating from the late 17th century, was designed in the English Baroque style was part of a major rebuilding programme which took place in the city after the Great Fire of London.

Chandigarh - The City of Peace

I can't even recall when I went on a holiday with my family last time. Never too late, I thought to plan one and it was supposed to be my eight month's old son's first ever trip. Since, it was his first trip, selecting a destination was the most difficult part as my wife had doubt if he will let us enjoy, how will he react outside? Where as I was fine with any destination as I knew he is a son of a traveler so it must be in his genes, but as a good husband, I addressed the concerns of  my wife and we selected Chandigarh as our destination. Given, my aunt lives there, it would be easy for my son as well to get that homely feeling.  The only concern I had was mode of transport since he feels claustrophobic in car, we chose India's most preferred way of traveling, by train.

The British Museum

The British Museum
The British Museum
It was a dream come true when I finally got the chance to visit one of the most talked about museum in the world, The British Museum. Located in the heart of London, it was just few minutes walk away from my office. Not that I am a fan of museums, but I had heard a lot about it and the main attraction I wanted to see was The Mummy of Cleopatra, the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who  represented herself as the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess, Isis.

Tate Britain - London

Tate Britain

I have been planning to go to Tate Britain since I visited Tate Modern, but finally I got the chance to be there and witness some of the most talked about paintings and art work in the history of the world. I may not be the correct person to explain about these paintings, but I did try to capture the essence of them. Here I present Tate Britain in pictures through my lens.

Bath, England - The Roman Baths

Bath, England is situated approx 156 kms from London. The city was established as a Spa with a latin name Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis") by the Romans in the 60s AD. Romans built baths and a temple on the surrounding hills of the city Bath in the valley of the River Avon around hot springs.

Christmas in London - Ho Ho Ho!!!

Trafalgar Square
I was lucky to be in London during Christmas season. Enjoying all the festive lights, decorations, delicacies, parties, sales and most important, less work in office.

Instead of coming home after work, I usually wandered in the streets of London carrying my camera to capture amazing memories forever. I hope you cherish them as I do.

Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
I have been craving to drive since I have been in London. Missing my car, the feeling of sitting on driver's seat and revving up the engine while holding the steering. This was the time to fulfill my desire and me along with my four friends decided to rent a car and go for a road trip to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge.

Renting a car was a piece of cake and we booked our car a day in advance to be picked up from the car rental agency at 9am on the Saturday morning. I promised myself to be on time and pick the car at sharp 9am as committed, but I was late again as usual. I smartly blamed my other friends for this though deep down I knew it was my fault. After all the blaming game and paper formalities with the car rental company, we finally left for our road trip at 10:30am with sun shining.

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