The Last Supper

How often does it happen that you are just walking by some place and then you discover something really amazing? Rarely, right? I was just going through my photo library on my laptop and saw "The Picture" I clicked of "The Last Supper" by Franz De Cleyn, an artist who was the court painter to King James I. 

While, my friends and I were waiting in the long long queue to enter Windsor Palace, Windsor, Berkshire, UK, I thought to step out of the queue to explore the surroundings of this small beautiful vibrant town. As I crossed the Windsor Parish Church of St John The Baptist, I read the board it had outside which mentioned "Do not miss the following items in the Church" and at number 1 it said "The painting of The Last Supper by Franz De Cleyn, court painter to King James I. I remember reading about it in the history books, how can I miss the opportunity to see it in real?

Rent Your Property While You Travel

If you are one of those who are struck by wanderlust, then for sure you crave for traveling and you tend to respond to the call of natural instincts more than just being comfortable within the four walls and a roof. Most of the times you are the one traveling in the quest for something new and explore the unexplored, by leaving your room under lock and key. But, consider the situation when you are back after your trips, you need to unpack the home stuffs and clean it which appears to be a massive task. What if, you put your place for short stays, while you are away, which can guarantee you not only good grands but also the maintenance of your property?

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