A Traveler's Wife

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She supports, cribs, helps, argues and takes care. She does it all to make a perfect planned vacation, a memorable one. She ensures to make every moment cheerful and creates a comfort zone no matter where we are. She leaves no stone unturned to make me feel like home anywhere.

She cribs whenever approached to go to a new travel venture, but with few efforts, she becomes more than excited about the trip. She plans ahead and ensures every need is fulfilled during travel.

Confessions of a Hotel Room

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Getting dressed for the new guests. I have heard that these guests are quite demanding, thus I have to be presented well. Room service is taking extra care of me and they are extremely cautious to ensure that I please the guests. I look neat and clean now. The scratch mark on my face that I received when a kid threw his new toy at me few weeks ago now is now gone. Dust at the least reachable places has finally been cleaned. Lipstick stains on the curtain have been removed; I so hate the lady who smudged her lipstick on them. The sofa in the room looks as good as new after dry-cleaning. The stains of spilled coffee are no longer visible on the carpet.

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