Confessions of a Hotel Room

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Getting dressed for the new guests. I have heard that these guests are quite demanding, thus I have to be presented well. Room service is taking extra care of me and they are extremely cautious to ensure that I please the guests. I look neat and clean now. The scratch mark on my face that I received when a kid threw his new toy at me few weeks ago now is now gone. Dust at the least reachable places has finally been cleaned. Lipstick stains on the curtain have been removed; I so hate the lady who smudged her lipstick on them. The sofa in the room looks as good as new after dry-cleaning. The stains of spilled coffee are no longer visible on the carpet.

I feel new but a bit afraid. I don’t want the guests to be rude to me again, afraid of getting dirty again.

Over time, I have provided services to so many guests that I have even lost count. On one hand, some guests crib, some shout, some snore, and some are always rude. On the other, there are always-in-room guests, just-to-sleep guests, and not-so-hygienic guests. However, there are also hygiene-conscious guests and friendly guests…the list is endless.

I really do not care what kind of guests I have to cater for as long as I get treated with respect. I have feelings too. I go out of my way to cater for their every need and just demand to be treated like home.

How often do you climb on bed with your shoes on at home? I don’t understand whether it is a customer or a tradition that especially they dirty everything in their rooms on the last day of their stay.

Do you really have to wipe off your hands with bed sheets and curtains? We do provide towels.

I know you are on vacation to enjoy and have fun, but it does not mean that you will piss on everything other than the toilet when you are drunk.

I really do not know why TV and AC remote controls always end up broken. Do you also break remotes at your home every other day?

Do you really have to throw everything on the floor despite being provided with a trash can? I wonder how many of you really do that at home.

I still welcome you all with open arms and will ensure that you feel like home during your stay. All I ask for is respect.

Your hotel room


  1. Humorous and true. I guess I might have been guilty of this once. It was because the hotel had bad service and we were pissed. So I guess I would say to the room - Don't take it personally. :P


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