A Traveler's Wishlist

Merry Christmas 

Dear Santa,

I know you are quite busy fulfilling people's wishlist. I understand these are the most busiest days of the year for you and everyone is looking up to you. Well, I am not asking you to consider  my wishlist immediately, but in case you have time, it's just a small list, perhaps.

  • Please allow me to borrow your sleigh at least twice a year. This could reduce my travel expenses drastically. Probably we can work on reduction of airfares too?
  • I have been planning to get a Canon DSLR for a long time. I know it is quite expensive but I am not asking it right now, you may take your time.
  • A backpack which never gets heavy and always have space for almost everything.
  • I so wish that I could sneak into hotels via their chimney like you do. This would be too much to ask, eh? But for now, discount coupons for hotels delivered to me everytime I plan my trip. I guess this is reasonable.
  • Diversion of my wife's mind from shopping on our trips. I know this is getting heavy for you, but the fact is that amount spent on shopping on a trip is inversely proportional to number of our trips.
  • Increase number of Paid Leaves in my company so that I can plan my trips more often.
  • A world without borders so that I can travel anywhere without worrying about visas and passports.
  • A safer and peaceful world. This is the most important of all and direct from my heart. You may skip above ones, but please take care of this one.
We all love you. Merry Christmas!

Warm regards,
Being Traveler

Being Traveler

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He was seven when his dad gifted him a camera and a roll
He didn't know what to do with it until he was told

‘It takes you places past, when memory doesn't last’, his dad said
‘Really?’ he asked with a doubt in his head

He never really used it back then
Until the day they moved to a new den

That’s when memories came knocking in his head
About all the days that he spent

Of the late nights in the courtyard
And of the days running around the fields and the fence

He took out the camera from the pouch
And gave it a nice rub like Aladdin did to his lamp

And took pictures of places and spaces
Of every little thing that he saw in hazes

With every picture that he took
His love for traveling grew like a brook

He thanked his dad for that beautiful gift
That let him be million places in a swift

He treasured that gift which he got at seven
And it was since that day in the distant past

That Being Traveler came to pass!

This is a guest post  written by Jincy "Speaking my mind". I personally love her poems and this has been written on a special request. Thanks Jincy for this lovely poem.

Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan

Neemrana Fort
Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan
What could be more perfect than to celebrate your birthday at your favorite place? I had always loved forts and this time, I decided to go to Neemrana with my wife to celebrate my birthday. 

Neemrana, Rajasthan is located at approx 120 kms from New Delhi on Delhi - Jaipur highway (NH8). I left at 8am from home with my two beauties, my wife and my car.

It was Sunday and road was quite empty until we crossed Gurgaon, Haryana. As soon as we reached Manesar, we were welcomed by road full of trucks. Car started to crawl and we started to yawn. To bring the excitement back, my wife asked me to cut the cake while we waited for the jam to clear. Cake was finished and I thanked my wife for the gifts she gave. After spending good 2 hours, we were still stuck in the jam. At one point we almost gave up and decided to return, but then sun smiled and God showed grace and we started to gain some speed and jam disappeared. I drove pretty fast to cover up the time we lost. At around 12pm, we reached Neemrana. 

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