The West Pier, Brighton

Iron Bridge
The West Pier
Does this happen to you when you see something historic which was grand at one time and now fading away with time? History can be fascinating and can haunt you as well the more you dig. On my visit to Brighton, I certainly enjoyed the beach, The Brighton Pier and the rides it offered, but there was another side of Brighton as well, The West Pier which gave me goose bumps once I got to know the history of it. 
The West Pier in Brighton was opened in 1866 with a length of 1115 feet, built with cast iron threaded columns screwed into the seabed. It included a concert hall which was added later.

Are you a Solo Female Traveler?

Traveling alone? Make it memorable ladies!
How often do we get to travel without someone and do what our heart desire, wear what we love and eat what our stomach wishes for? Well, these moments are certainly rare so you need to cherish each of them. Although traveling with a plan is for boring people, but having one at the backhand can be beneficial. You need to pack your stuff smartly for your adventure trip so no mishaps occur at all.
You got your makeup box and favorite jumpsuit, what else you need, but yes, being a lone woman traveler, you need to keep several things at hand and pack up accordingly for making it a memorable travel of your life. With these tips, you can have a great time on your trip:

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