The West Pier, Brighton

Iron Bridge
The West Pier
Does this happen to you when you see something historic which was grand at one time and now fading away with time? History can be fascinating and can haunt you as well the more you dig. On my visit to Brighton, I certainly enjoyed the beach, The Brighton Pier and the rides it offered, but there was another side of Brighton as well, The West Pier which gave me goose bumps once I got to know the history of it. 
The West Pier in Brighton was opened in 1866 with a length of 1115 feet, built with cast iron threaded columns screwed into the seabed. It included a concert hall which was added later.

Remains of The West Pier
Remains of The West Pier
The West Pier also known as old Brighton Pier had been cut off from the shore since the early 1990s. A break between the pier was caused by high winds in 1987, and later suffered a serious partial collapse during a storm on 29 December 2002 when a walkway connecting the concert hall to the pavilion fell into the sea. On 20 January 2003 a further collapse led to the destruction of the concert hall. On 28 March 2003 the pavilion at the end of the pier caught fire and could not be saved. The cause of the fire still remains unknown. On 11 May 2003, another fire broke out and it burnt almost everything what was left. The fire re-ignited on 12 May which led to the end of The West Pier and remaining part soon collapsed on 23 June 2004 due to high winds.
It is now merely a skeleton standing in the sea with so much history and memories from the people who loved and rejoiced it at one time.

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