The Last Supper

How often does it happen that you are just walking by some place and then you discover something really amazing? Rarely, right? I was just going through my photo library on my laptop and saw "The Picture" I clicked of "The Last Supper" by Franz De Cleyn, an artist who was the court painter to King James I. 

While, my friends and I were waiting in the long long queue to enter Windsor Palace, Windsor, Berkshire, UK, I thought to step out of the queue to explore the surroundings of this small beautiful vibrant town. As I crossed the Windsor Parish Church of St John The Baptist, I read the board it had outside which mentioned "Do not miss the following items in the Church" and at number 1 it said "The painting of The Last Supper by Franz De Cleyn, court painter to King James I. I remember reading about it in the history books, how can I miss the opportunity to see it in real?

I stepped in the Church amidst some fancy ceremony with people dressed their best and I entered acting coolly in my T-shirt and jeans which didn't stop me. I looked around and tried to explore every painting hanging up on the walls of the Church, but could not locate the painting which led me to the Church. I wondered if I have read it correct and to double check I stepped out of the Church and read the board once again. I was definitely not hallucinating and stepped inside again. Still no sign of the painting. I checked with a lovely looking lady who was assisting in the ceremony and then she pointed up towards the wall where it was hanging. No wonder I could not locate it as it was hanging their at a height above all. I wish I were carrying a DSLR to capture it, but tried my best to capture it via my digital camera. It was at a height and the light wasn't too good either. 

The painting has been restored several times and it was restored last in 2009. The painting represents the scene of The Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples when Jesus announced that one of them would betray him.

The Last Supper is the final meal that, in the Gospel accounts, Jesus shared with his Apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion.

As I stood there for a while, looking at the painting, I felt connected to the history but soon I realized that I have to explore Windsor Castle too and rushed towards the queue.


  1. Woah! that's something. Remarkable discovery.

  2. Beautiful! The picture came out quite well even with the digital camera.

    1. Thank you Renuka, but I am afraid it is not the best!


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