Summers in Zante

Summers in Zante

Summer holidays in Zante are hot stuff. This glorious Greek island is famed for its beauty and long hot summers, where pristine golden sands and azure seas sparkle under cloudless blue skies, and sunbathers bask in the warmth as they stretch out on sunbeds or splash about in the cool Ionian waters.

Known locally as Zakynthos, the island of Zante offers much more than just great beaches. Every summer, loggerhead turtles come to the island's shores to lay their eggs, which offers the perfect opportunity to see these wonderful yet endangered creatures up close. Elsewhere, a visit to the Blue Caves in White Rock is a must. It's a natural spectacle featuring various natural arches and rock formations which offers a stunning natural spectacle, while Smugglers' Cove - a strikingly beautiful bay with a shipwreck - is well worth a visit. You'll need to take a boat there as its vertical cliffs make access impossible by any means other than from the ocean.

If you're after cheap holidays to Zante, one of the best ways to find a low-cost, great value package holiday in this beautiful Greek island is to look for a last-minute deal. This is a great way to find a bargain and, so long as you're flexible on your list of criteria, you can enjoy a great escape at a fraction of the original price. Start by searching for holidays departing within the next six weeks and you're bound to find a number of holidays that have been reduced in price. The best way to find the cheapest prices is to consider alternative accommodation or a different local resort to your normal preference - that way, you can really choose the cheapest price and who knows, you might even find a new favorite resort in the process.

However you book your holiday, it's no secret that summers in Zante are hot, hot, hot. When will you make time to visit this sizzling Greek island?


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