Into the Wild


Well, this post isn't actually something about me going into the wild literally, but given the current lifestyle and hectic schedule where you are worried about presentations and clients, going to a zoological park meant as much as visiting a wild life sanctuary to me. Though I had been there as a kid, but watching all these wild animals now as well really astonished me. I do feel bad as they are kind of stuck in their cages, but they also bring smile on lot of kids faces, but that is no excuse, is it? However, I am sure that authorities are taking good care of them. 

I flaunted my Canon digital camera like a costly DSLR and managed to capture some interesting pictures. No matter how bad photographer I am, but I always like my photographs on Facebook.

resting ducks
Ducks in Heaven

Isn't this heaven for ducks? Drink and swim all day. Managed to capture all of them in one lane, Thankfully.

Who is the Boss?
Rhinoceros did walk like a boss. Heavy, bulky and strong. Poor guy just can not run though. I wondered if he stepped on me... ahem.. leave it.

I wish I could bring her home
Isn't she adorable? Well, if you do not know what is her name, she is Pelecanus Onocrotalus. She did know how to attract everyone.

Yes, I am Peacock too
Trust me, I never saw a peacock like this ever. I had seen the usual peacocks, but this one was totally different with Red patches near eyes and red legs, he was a totally show stopper. Strangely, he did not move much. Lazy one perhaps.

Nature is simply amazing isn't it? The more we get to know about it, more we fall in love with it. Why just save tigers? Save every specie, save nature.


  1. Those are unique peacocks. I liked the shot of the pelican.

  2. Hey Himanshu.. Nice clicks.. i specially liked Pelecanus Onocrotalus..
    U have an interesting and a well written Blog.. Happy Posting..!! :)

    1. Thanks Shraddha, I really appreciate your kind words. This Pelican was sitting quietly untill I provoked him andhe started to spread his wings...


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