I am British Summer

Lying on the beach, sun tan, barbecues, long walks along the river Thames, sitting under the sun having a beer or a glass of wine, playing football..... yes, This is British summer.

For a nation with little sunshine, summer is no less than a celebration and sets everyone in a holiday mood. Tourists and other hangout places are usually occupied specially on weekends as everyone wants to get out of their lovely homes to feel the sunshine.

Though sun is not kind every day, there are cold days too which will force you to grab a jacket. On such days even if sun comes out for just a while, people don't want to miss it and get out and to experience the sunshine. I remember when a few days ago the sun came out for just five minutes, my neighbors rushed outside to their lawn to have a glass of wine.

The summer holds something for everyone, be it gardeners, photographers, foodies, travelers as the atmosphere becomes really vibrant and versatile.

What are you waiting for? British summer awaits you. Come, experience it.


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