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Tate art gallery

I am not a big fan of art but I really appreciate the work done by various artists all over the world with their efforts to make the world little more beautiful with their thoughts and creativity.

The Tate Modern is a modern art gallery which is located in central London and it is the most visited modern art gallery in the world with around 4.7 million visitors per year. This was enough for me to visit the most talked about gallery in town.

Situated at the Bankside district of London right besides The river Thames and is easily accessible due to its location and well connectivity with public transport.

Well, it was just a walk away for me as I walked along the river Thames from my apartment. 

The Modern Tate has 4 levels which displays art on the basis of 4 themes
  • History/Memory/Society
  • Nude/Action/Body
  • Landscape/Matter/Environment
  • Still Life/Object/Real Life

As I passed through various galleries and saw different work of different artists and felt like I have developed the taste for certain kind of art.

The above image is a famous painting by Pablo Picasso who reworked the theme of female nude his entire life. In his eighties, he revised the traditional ideal beauty with particular violence, subjecting the body to a repeated assault in paint. Here a reclining female figure is presented as a raw, sexualized arrangement of orifices, breasts and cumbersome limbs. "Its all there" Picasso said, "I try to do a nude as it is". The face is that of his second wife Jacqueline Roque.

The above image is another Picasso's work which came into picture after his encounter with Marie-Therese Walter and the relationship was kept secret. After this he embarked on a sequence of sculptures and paintings in which the manipulation of Walter's body was explicit, complex and highly eroticised. The setting includes a secretive curtain against which the sculpture bust casts a double shadow, as if the white of the foreground nude was really illuminating the space.

Image above is a modern art which highlights the elegance of various colors brought together for calm and relaxing vibes.

 Made of steel wool, this trap was used in ancient times to capture huge animals.


The above image is created by the help of white pained woods brought together in such a way to produce lightning and shadows in between them.

The above surely looked like an evil scientist to me playing with a human skull.

Above image displays an ill person on a deathbed and villagers gathered around his bed praying for his wellness.

Well, it was bit interesting and good to know the world from a different angle, a different perspective, a creative perspective perhaps. Isn't it?


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