That Feeling When You Are About To Jump!

Bungee Jumping
Well, You know that feeling you get when you're standing at a high place with a sudden urge to not jump? It's very easy to say you want to do it, but when you are actually standing there, about to jump, your entire life comes in front of you; specially the moment when you decided to go for bungee jumping. You may want to reconsider your decision or the checklist where you pinned bungee jumping as a must to-do thing. But once you actually do it, I am sure you won't regret it. Face your fear, kill your fear.

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  1. Bungee jumping is in my list for some time now. Will face my fear and kill it very soon. :)


  2. Even I want to try it some day! :)

  3. That looks scary to me at least. I doubt I will ever attempt that.

  4. i am not sure if its on my list right now... but who knows, if i get a chance... maybe or may not be. :p

  5. Nice sharing. I am also fare while first time jump on the river. But till now I am good swimmer.

  6. First time you afraid but not another time if you do it first time.
    Informative !

  7. I hope you jumped. :)
    Otherwise you would have lost the chance and the money!
    It is on my bucket list too but am afraid the bungee rope will break with my weight.

    1. In such situations, sometimes you need someone to push you!!! As far as your weight is concerned, I am sure the ropes are quite strong, try it... you will know in any case :P

  8. Hi Himanshu,
    same thing is also happen with me many time. But one day my friend help me to jumping. First time i am afraid tittle but now i am a good swimwear.
    Hope you also jump.... soon.. and enjoy...

  9. Well I haven't tried Bungee jump but luckily in skydiving you don't have much time to think .


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