Incredible India!

Every place has a tale to tell and it teaches us a lot. I looked at my photography journal and went back to those places virtually. Beautiful pictures of beautiful places and people, I am glad that I captured them in my canon so that I can hold them with me forever. Here is what I realized.

Rajasthan taught me to have a king size big warm heart. It also taught me to fight for our rights, for justice.


             Goa made me realize that it is okay to relax and take things slowly, life is not a race.


        Himachal Pradesh taught me the value of nature and how refreshing a morning can be.

Himachal Pradesh

         Haridwar (Uttrakhand) taught me to be spiritual and to believe in the divine, the Almighty.


           Wagah border (Amritsar) made me realize what I always knew, that I am an Indian.

Wagah Border

                                   Himalayas taught me to hold my head high with pride.


                         Nainital's lake taught me to be stable, yet deep in terms of knowledge.


Meanwhile, Delhi, my own city taught me all about history and cultures that exist together in this heart of the country, India, Incredible India


  1. Nice ! That's a lovely post.
    I have nominated your blog for the Libester Blog award friend, kinldy take a look at the link below :

    1. Thanks Tanya. That's really sweet of you. and yes, Congratulations for the award. :)

  2. That is interesting, each place giving a message.

  3. Very Nice pictures..
    The Golden Temple in amritsar and Taj Mahal in agra and the forts/culture in Rajasthan are major attractions for International tourists in India.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Himanshu

    Your Blog is amazing.. it took me to places and showed things I didnt notice.... hence I nominate you for Liebster

  5. All the pictures are refreshing! Nice write-up, too.

  6. Great idea for a post. Love the lessons you learnt through travel.
    Hey, nice pics too. :)

  7. Indeed, every place in India has a story to tell.

  8. thats a very sweet post and a real one indeed

  9. This is a great compilation. Keep travelling and posting!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful post about incredible india, Today I know lot of amazing things about india,your this post is really information for all who are reading this blog.

  11. Nice post, thanks for sharing!


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