Why I love Traveling?

As I continue to explore new places, I have realized that traveling is more than that, more than exploring places and more than just a journey. It is an amazing experience, it is a journey of self realization, it is a journey of self exploration. 


Here are some of the best reasons why I love traveling.
  • Traveling has taught me to be patient. It has taught me that, it is fine to take a back seat sometimes and go with the flow. Everything can not be in your control all the time.
  • It has changed my attitude towards life and taught me to be calm even at most difficult times.
  • It has taught me to respect others, I have realized a sense of grounding and looking beyond self.
  • It has made me realize my strengths, my fears, my anxieties, my weaknesses and taught me how to deal with them.
  • It has helped me to look at the world from a different perspective and changed my outlook towards life.
  • It has also made me more confident, easy-going, more tolerant, humble, more flexible and open towards life.
  • It has evoked a sixth sense in me to judge things little better. It has taught me to differentiate between good and bad. 
  • It has helped me to think on my feet when dealing with certain situations.
  • It has taught me a good lesson to not to assume things and not to just believe whatever people are saying. It has taught me to analyse better and to believe things as I see.
  • It has helped me to polish my skills and I continue to improvise in my photography and to control my wife from shopping.

Keep exploring, keep traveling

Warm regards,
Being Traveler


  1. Great lessons...yes i agree traveling teaches a lot...when one travels to far off places...one also comes to know about different cultures,people and there are many such things...

    that's an excellent photo...and i must say...it's a good post to implement the things you said in every one's life....which comes through traveling.

    1. Thankyou Anjan! I believe everyone should implement these. :)

  2. Yes I agree with you!
    Wish you more travels this 2013! :)

  3. So right. Travel teaches you a lot.
    Happy New year. I hope this year holds more travelling for you. :)

    1. Happy new year to you too!
      Thanks, I also hope so.

  4. Sahi hai bro. Keep up the good work..

  5. Totally agree. Travelling makes a better person.


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