The Kala Ghoda Art Festival (Mumbai, India)

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival is organised every year during end of January or beginning of February. It is a nine days long festival which is held in Kala ghoda area of South Mumbai, India.

It was first organised in year 1999 and since then it has been attracting various artists, participants and visitors across the country and the world.

The festival is organised by the Kala ghoda association in order to up-bring Kala ghoda as an art district of Mumbai.

An artist from Rajasthan with Kathputhlis

Vespa depicted as a Bee

100 years if Indian Cinema

Cycle chalao city bachao

New age humans

Car made with coins

Message on girl's abortion

Power of Money
All the artists were great and creative, these are just the few pictures I could get and this doesn't mean other artists were not good.

Cheers to all of you!


  1. hmm I have not heard of this festival before. Seems interesting, making a note about this one. Thanks

    1. It is a beautiful fest and you can see some amazing art there.

      Must visit place.

  2. i am new to Kala Ghoda too. heard it is an art promotion event though. good pics!

  3. im missing mumbai like hell...and now a days everyone is posting about kala ghoda...i wanted to go so badly....:/

    1. Oh... But you know, there is always the next time :)

  4. nice post... make the pic big size

  5. hello,
    you have been liebstered, please check the link below

  6. Wow I am surprised something like this happens in India. This is really interesting.


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