Exhilarating Diwali - Let There Be Light!

Anoushka Shankar
Anoushka Shankar
Despite all the lucrative deals offered by the travel agencies, I have always preferred to celebrate Diwali at home. But this time I am in London, away from my family, missing all the fun, the lights, the sweets, decorated markets, malls and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, I came across this great Diwali event organised by Mayor of London at Trafalgar Square, London and without any great expectations, I decided to attend the event. To my surprise, it turned out to be super duper awesome. With performances by various artists and well known performers such as Karan Pangali, Bollywood Brothers and at the last The Great Sitar player Anoushka Shankar, Do I need to say more? Well, they all rocked the stage with their outstanding performances.

Karan Pangali
Karan Pangali
Not only the event was treat for eyes and ears, it also brought together delicacies from every part of India. From famous Chaat of Delhi to Masala Dosa of Kerala, from Milk shakes to Coconut water. Tempted with all the Indian delicacies together at one place, I was spotted most of the time near the food stalls.

Diwali Trafalgar Square

Though it was pretty chilly and windy, but the energy of the crowd made the atmosphere real warm. From classical dance to grooving Bollywood numbers and then to Sitar and the fusion.

  Diwali in London

Well, the event was a total hit and definitely a wonderful gift to all the Indians in London for Diwali 2013. I hope you all enjoy your Diwali and be safe.

Let there be light and peace! Happy Diwali!!


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