The 'World's Smallest Museum'

A telephone booth which was not being used anymore has been turned into 'world's smallest museum'. Yes, you read that right, a telephone booth. Located in Warley, Yorkshire, the booth was “adopted” from British Telecommunications (BT) by the town association of Warley and filled with the local historical artifacts. The exhibit includes old photographs, glass etchings, and personal items such as antique fashion pieces and jewelry.

The initiative came up when BT decided to discontinue its services in 43 such booths given the growing use of cellphones which has rendered the booths obsolete. BT’s research has shown that only 7 per cent of adults use its 65,000 telephone boxes regularly. Yet, the bright little red booths are associated with fond memories in the minds of the British people who voted for it as a top favorite British design.

No awards for guessing, there’s only room for one person to visit Warley Museum at a time. The museum is believed to replace the artifacts every three months and currently focuses on local history. The phone box can be found outside the Maypole Inn, a restaurant in the heart of the town.


  1. That's so cool! Never knew about it. Tell me how did it feel inside that. :)
    I'm sharing this post now! :)

    1. Thank you! It felt great and being associated with the history! They are notching up for a place in Guinness book of world records. Thanks for sharing!


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