5 Things to Do Before you Say Bye!

Goodbyes are always hard. No matter how strong you are, there is always an emotional chemical somewhere hidden in the corner of your heart that makes it bit difficult to say Good bye to your favorite place. Even a slightest thought of you not being visiting the place again makes you want to capture every single moment of the vacation which will bring smile on your face later.

Though handy cameras in phones and digital cameras have enabled us to capture as much pictures as we can but maybe that's not enough.. maybe we need something more....

Here are 5 things which we must do before we say Bye to our favorite place!

  1. Try New Delicacies! Yes, every place has its own specialty and often people mere visit places to try new variety of food, taste and experiment with their taste buds. Well, why not? Life is all about experimenting and until you try new food, how are you going to find out that what lies beyond our usual tried and tested food.

    Rajasthan's Delicacy 
  2. Get that Souvenir! A souvenir always helps us in staying in touch with our favorite vacation spot. My coffee mug from London, my key chain from Goa, the royal pen stand from Jaipur, the refrigerator magnet from Thailand; they all make me smile and keep reminding me all the good time I had at these places.

  3. Know the History! Don't just be the tourist! Try to know about the history of the place and its people. Like they say, don't judge a book by its cover. People often make perceptions about a place without knowing its glorious past. Well in some cases that can be true, but not always. The more you know about the place, more will you enjoy your vacation.

    St Paul Cathedral
  4. Act Local! Why only visit the places that are listed on TripAdvisor? There is always more to a city than it is listed on travel websites. Talk to the people, the hotel's receptionist, the local Auto wala's that where do local people hang out? What is their favorite restaurant? These will be the places that will give you a true picture and taste of the city.

  5. Get Clicked! Yes we all know and most of us even do that. But why not get clicked in front of that popular face making weird poses? Normal is so boring and cliche. Imagine how cool it would be when you will look at that picture later in life which will not only bring back your memories but also will make you smile.

So next time when you are traveling, do try to follow these and create those Happy Memories Forever!


  1. Indeed a good read..really liked no. 4!

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