World's Shortest Commercial Flight!

The world’s shortest commercial flight takes place between the two Orkney Islands, Westray and Papa Westray, north of Scotland, separated by a distance of just 1.7 miles. The flight is operated by Loganair, and its duration is officially two minutes, but under ideal wind condition, it can be completed in only 47 Seconds. The tickets too the flight are priced at about $30 per passenger with obviously no in-flight service and infotainment. About 30 percent of the passengers are associated with the Orkney Islands Council's education services and others are health staff and patients of the Scottish National Health Service. The island of Papa Westray is home to just around 90 people, and is home to 60 archaeological sites.

Loganair has been operating on this route since the 1960s and in 2011, they introduced a popular flight for tourists. The special flight flies for just couple of days each week in the summer for people who just want to take the flight to and fro and get back to the Orkney Mainland rather than stay out on the islands. Check out the video below.


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