White Horse, Westbury, England

Sometimes, you come across some marvelous places even when you are not looking for them and sometimes you don't even understand their significance any time soon until you look at your old pictures and then search for that place on internet. 

This is exactly what happened with me when we crossed Westbury, England famous for its White Horse hill figure on the escarpment of Salisbury Plain. We were on our way to Stonehenge and while driving witnessed several white horses in farms and then we witnessed this White Horse hill figure while we drove across the road. Though I did not know the significance of it, still there was something amusing about it which caught my attention and I tried to take a click of it while we continued the drive without stopping.

The origin of the White Horse is still obscure as some believe that it was built to show respect for King Alfred's victory in the battle of EĆ°andun in 878. 

There have been several instances where the horse has been repaired and repainted to restore its original form and has been illuminated as well which created the effect of it as if the horse was floating in the sky.

White Horses at Farm
It is the oldest of several white horses carved in Wiltshire. The horse is 180 feet tall and 170 feet wide and is a symbol for the town of Westbury, appearing on welcome signs and in the logo for its tourist information centre. It is also considered a symbol for Wiltshire as a whole famous for its white horses.

I just wish I knew about this when I crossed Westbury and I surely would have stopped to have a closer look, but I am glad I did take a picture and maybe I will visit next time I visit UK.


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