Mussoorie - The Adventure Begins!

Hill View Mussoorie
For some reason or the other, I was never able to attend any of the office sponsored off-sites and have always regretted that. Well, not anymore and after making lot of promises to my colleagues, I finally kept my promise.

I am the kind of person who enjoys planning for the trips and to be honest, sometimes I have enjoyed it even more than the trip itself. So after lot of planning and research, we finalized on Mussoorie. We planned to leave on Friday night from our office after wrapping up our work. Now as most of the people know how lucky I am when I am about to leave for any of trip, my luck struck again and I was stuck with work till the last moment. Yea right, I am jinxed! Well, after all these years, I am used to it now.
Around 12pm, we, the group of eighty people, left in our buses with ultra high energies (you can rephrase that to booze!). Soon, we left Delhi and touched the highway and then stopped around 4am for some snacks and rest. Without wasting much time, we were back on the road and I slipped into my personal zone and tried not to snore. I woke up at around 10am while we were crossing Dehradun. I was craving for a coffee, but as I looked outside at the beautiful views, it felt so refreshing that I no longer needed the coffee.

Finally, at 12pm, we reached our destination, Mussoorie, thanks to the traffic jam. We checked in to our hotel at the mall road and without going to the room, we instead headed directly to have breakfast. After trying almost everything offered in the buffet, with stuffed tummies, we checked into our room and lied on the bed to straighten our back.

Tree that Hi5'ed
At 2pm, we were all called outside for the adventure trail which was planned by the event management team. The trail consisted various challenges that we had to go through. But before that, we had another challenge... dragging people out of their rooms who were not ready to move their bums off the beds after 12 hours of bus journey. After completing this challenge, we finally started the trail as we were divided in three teams. 

The challenges included collecting branches and making fire on the way, creating clothing, making food, encountering wild life insects, planting a tree, collecting half eaten fruits etc. We were given a hand drawn map and we had to follow the directions. Each team was given a different path and the team who returns first after completing all the challenges, would be declared as winner. 

The Challenges
We left and soon we were on our path laid in the jungle and it was not easy. As a team we kept moving through the jungle making our way completing challenges one by one. 

Making the way through Jungle
The most difficult part was preparing food for which we chose Maggi which we were carrying along. Hardest part was to create a fire. We were given stones which are used in home lighters to light up fire on the dry leaves. After multiple attempts, we managed to light up and prepared Maggi. We were so hungry by the time that even one spoon of Maggi tasted like heaven. 

Making Maggi
Finally, we completed all our challenges and completed our track on the map and returned to our hotel to realize that we were last. Had we not have spent so much time in photography, we might have won. Well, at least we completed all the challenges, I tried to console myself.

After Completing all Challenges
Tired, I lied on my bed and took a refreshing nap. It was 5 in the evening and we had a party to attend at 7pm. For those two hours, I decided to explore bit of Mussoorie with my paining legs. I went ahead on the mall road looking at various local shops and clothing. I just wandered in the streets looking at the hotels nearby with funny names. Hotel Brite didn't appear to be bright at all and Beachwood hotel was no where near the beach!!

I returned back to the hotel and dressed my best for the evening party. The party went on till late night and then after party started which went on and on while I fell asleep with the promise to wake up early in the morning to visit some of the renowned sites of Mussoorie like Kempty falls, cloud end, but I didn't. I woke up at 8am and realized it is too late. We had breakfast and then instead of going to those places, I went for a quite walk to bid Goodbye to Mussoorie before leaving. We got back to the hotel, packed our bags and then finally boarded our buses to head back to Delhi.

Well, there were few things which happened first time with me on a trip like I didn't visit any of the famous landmarks and this will be the only trip on which I puked. Yes, that's right, I was puke free since 1998. Now I will have to work on it again to create another record.


  1. lol
    I like to plan my trips too, it's part of the travel fun.
    I have never been near mussoorie, sounds like a fun place. Is it very touristic?
    Bet you had a great time there, thanks for sharing!

    1. That's the fun part indeed. Mussoorie is a tourist destination due to its proximity to New Delhi and is crowded during weekends specially.

  2. This sounds a lot of fun. Can you give some information about the organizers please.

    1. It was fun! Since it's been two months to this trip, I can't locate their phone number. I believe the organizers were Divine Tours.

  3. Wow! Such an interesting trip! Never seen this side of Mussoorie.

    1. Thanks! I haven't seen the other side of Mussoorie though.. :D

  4. Wow it seems that u have enjoyed a lot...May b that u have not visited certain places but the most exciting part is that u went for the trip finally..Keep planning with lots more and share the experiences with us....

    1. Thanks Shreya :) Yea, I enjoyed and that's the fun part indeed. I will explore the city some other day though

  5. Most welcome. I too am a passionate traveler and often take a leave from office and move out here and there to explore new things. This time I am going Ooty.

    1. Good to know. I would love to read your experiences as well and the destinations you have visited. Never been to Ooty though, but will soon. Good luck for the trip. Be safe!


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