Sometimes, it is all about Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Have you ever been in a situation where you are waiting for somebody and have nothing to do? Usually, people fickle through their phones while waiting and some just try their hands on photography, like I did. 

In our busy schedule, we rarely realize how beautiful nature is and how much peaceful it can be to just look at flowers around you, the greenery and the chirping of the birds. Just by observing them, one tends to forget all worries and tensions of life for quite sometime. We are so lost these days in the beauty of materialistic things and we have almost forgotten how beautiful the nature is. 

The flower in the picture caught my eye while I was waiting and it did bring smile on my face. I tried to capture the essence of that moment with the macro photography.

If you like this picture and you love nature, do leave your comment below.


  1. Well that's certainly a great idea but do you travel with a dslr all the time :)
    Camera phones are all that great with macro I believe.

    1. No, but this picture is actually taken from my smartphone. P.S. I do not have a DSLR yet. :)


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