Four Reasons Why Malaysia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Distinct from all the sister South East Asian countries, Malaysia makes for an absolutely thrilling vacation. Whether you are headed there with your family or your gang of besties or even travelling solo, the country has an infectious energy that gets through to every single traveler, making them fall in love with the place. Gorgeous natural topographies, crazy theme and amusement parks, heavenly street shopping spots and some of the tastiest food in the world - you have all the reasons you need to travel to the 'Land of Indigenous Malay’.

While Malaysia is one of the best spots for a vacation, this is also one place I would implore you to travel to with an insurance in hand. To be honest, travel insurances are an absolute necessity these days. If you ask me, the biggest fear that I have is of losing things - money, passport and luggage. And passport losses are pretty common, not because people are always careless but you cannot foresee thefts and misplacing things in crowded places.

But here are five things you must indulge in if you are heading to Malaysia, especially for the first time. I’ll also tell you how you may need an insurance in different situations while travelling in the country.

Head. Straight. To. The. Beaches.
If you come to a South East Asian country and are not heading straight for a pristine, white beach, what are you are even doing? Malaysian beaches are known for being our dreamy, near-perfect versions with pearly white sand and hauntingly blue waters. No wonder half the Indian honeymoon couples are headed here! From Langkawi to Redang Island, Sapi Island to Mantantani, Malaysia is filled with pretty little islands and even prettier beaches.

But, be careful - most Malaysian beaches are known to be frequented by jellyfishes! A jellyfish sting can be painful and pretty problematic and is best avoided. But in case you have a freak accident, you can rely on your insurance for the medical expenses for treating it. Treating it out of your own pocket (or any other treatments for that matter) can cost a fortune as healthcare is known to be expensive in South East Asian countries.

Get Hooked On Adrenaline

Malaysia is a hotspot for adventure sports - from skydiving to scuba. Head for the Skytrex Adventure at Shah Alam’s Taman Botani Negara, flyboarding, paramotor gliding, skydiving, base jumping and wakeboarding to experience a true burst of adrenaline pumping through your veins. However, being the beach destination that it is, the two things that I would absolutely recommend are Shark Diving at the KLCC Complex and snorkeling at any of the numerous islands, especially Mataking, Tioman and Layang-Layang. You can thank me later once you have had these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
And we all know, it makes sense to be insured while indulging in any adventure sport, no matter how safe it is. No matter which travel insurance you are purchasing, ensure that the product covers adventure sports.

Take Your Palate On A Joyride
South East Asia is a heaven for food lovers and Malaysia is not different! Try the enormous variety of seafood for a true taste of Malaysian cuisine along with their popular sticky rice as well as a range of meats too. Head to one of the many pasarmalam or street food markets around the city - the best ones are undoubtedly Pasar Malam Sri Petaling, OUG night market and JalanAlor.

Again, you know why you may need an insurance? Because not everyone cannot handle seafood - in fact, since we mostly don’t try anything beyond prawns and crabs, many are not even aware of if they are allergic to something they have never tried before. So travel insurance comes in handy for taking care of medical expenses in case you fall sick.

Go Take A Look Around
There’s quite a bit to see and experience in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur. From soaking in the gorgeous views from the top of the twin towers of Petronas to losing yourself to the peace at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Park to a day out at the Batu Caves, there are a whole lot of things to do. The Batu Caves, located about 17 km from Kuala Lumpur, must be visited for a basket of experiences - from trying your hand at rock climbing to exploring the caves to soaking in the spiritual energy of the Temple Complex.

There’s so much more to Malaysia that one blog is not enough for it. I’ve tried to put together the most exciting experiences which one must indulge in, along with the places where one has to head to. Just writing the post made me so nostalgic that I am considering another trip soon!

When are you planning to head to Malaysia?


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