Pack Your Bags for Goa This Monsoon

The monsoons are a magical season across the country and Goa is no different. If you think the rainy season is a bad time to visit the beach, think again. Goa is an ethereal vision during the monsoons with a blurred horizon between the skies and the sea, lush green all around and a solitude which is hard to come by at one of most popular destinations in the world.

Hotels are not difficult to find. But since it’s the off season for tourists, why not splurge on some luxurious accommodation when the prices are at an all time low! And if you’re a wanderer, you can book one of the smaller hotels and keep flitting in between the quaint old towns.

If you are still wondering why visit Goa during the monsoons, here are four more reasons for you - besides the fact that the place is an absolute treat for all your senses!

Prices are as low as they can be
Monsoons hardly witness any tourists in Goa except for the handful of backpackers who are aware of the pristine state’s hidden beauties in the season. Being the off season, everything is cheaper during this time - from accommodation to travel and shopping.

Best time to visit the Dudhsagar Falls
One of the most exquisite waterfalls in the country is in full bloom during the monsoons and makes for experience that should not be missed for anything in the world. The trek to and around Dudhsagar Falls is extraordinarily beautiful during the monsoons.

Redefine your sensory experiences at a spice plantation
From the visual ocean of foliage to the majestic aroma of the spices and a weather to kill for - a trip to a spice plantation is the one of the ultimate break anyone needs after a hectic few months at work.

A mystifying Vagator Beach
With the heavy showers and cloud covers enveloping the Vagator Beach with a magical mist, hitting the Chapora Fort once is a must. Just set yourself on the cliff and watch yourself get lost to the real beauty of Mother Nature.

Aren’t you excited already? Start packing your backs and head out!

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