Out of the Ordinary Places to See on Your Delhi-Agra Trip

Delhi, being a historical city, has many places to see that reflects its rich heritage and its modern metropolitan side. A trip to the capital of the nation is never complete without a visit to its neighboring tourist spots, with Agra being a prominent one. If you’re a traveler who enjoys the journey just as much as the destination, hiring a cab will be a convenient option since you can stop or take detours to the lesser-known places along the way.

When you’ve already been through a heritage journey and visited all the historical structures, take an offbeat journey!

NH-93(The Noida-Aligarh-Hatras-Agra Route)

If this is the route you’ve chosen, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful place to visit right off the bat. It’s on the Yamuna River, 4 square kilometers in size and has about 300 species of mainly water birds visiting it every year. The observation post gives an incredible panoramic view of the sanctuary.

                                                                           Okhla bird Sanctuary, Delhi by Harjeetsingh

Moving a little further ahead to the left are the Stupa 18 Art Gallery. Stupa 18 showcases the works of skilful artists, all of which make a silent connection with the spectator’s mind. 

Tip: Check the dates of the different exhibitions held at the studio to see if your trip coincides with any.

                                                                 Stupa 18 art gallery, Noida, Uttar Pradesh by Stupa18

On the way to Aligarh, stop over to grab a bite of Continental of Indian food at Highway Masala. Arriving at Aligarh, the highway bypasses the main city but you could visit the massive Aligarh Muslim University that was established in 1875 and is spread across 1,155 acres of land.

                                                            Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh by Wikipedia

On the highway from Aligarh to Hatras is the TeerthdhamMangalayatan which is one of the largest Jain religious centres in the country and consists of four stunning Jain temples. The architecture of this place makes it as beautiful as it is holy.
                                                                  TeerthdhamMangalayatan, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh by mangalayatan

Palwal-Aligarh Road and Taj Express Highway

On this route that goes through Faridabad, the Nahar Singh Mahal, located in Ballabhgarh, is a beautiful fort built in 1739.

                                                               Nahar Singh Mahal, Faridabad, Haryana by HolidayIQ

The highway continues to the city of Palwal which is named after a demon “Palwasur” from the epic Mahabharata. The city is full of Hindu temples and, if you are religious, it’s only fitting that you visit here.

Driving along the Palwar-Aligarh Road, Delhi to Agra, reaches the Yamuna River over which the Jewar-Palwal Bridge gives a majestic view of the Yamuna. Pull over for the view and for some delightful memories.

While on this route, taking a slightly longer detour to the enchanting city of Mathura will give you a few new stories to record in your journal.
                                                   Gurudev Mandir, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh by Wikipedia

Once you reach the destination, use your Delhi to Agra taxi service to take you around the city, too, and visit places that aren’t as famous as the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Nature Walk which is about 500m from the Taj Mahal on the East gate gives a uniquely beautiful view of the gorgeous structure. The massive area of the walk has a photo point, watch towers, flower beds and nature trails from which the structure can be seen in different hues at different times of the day.

                                                                         Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh by Dasagani

Spend your evening at Sheroes Hangout, an amiable and heart-warming café run by the brave women who have survived acid attacks. The café has it all – a readers’ corner, an activism workshop, an exhibit space, and a community radio hub, along with the friendly staff!

Are yo up for a comfortable weekend as an explorer?

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