Are you a Solo Female Traveler?

Traveling alone? Make it memorable ladies!
How often do we get to travel without someone and do what our heart desire, wear what we love and eat what our stomach wishes for? Well, these moments are certainly rare so you need to cherish each of them. Although traveling with a plan is for boring people, but having one at the backhand can be beneficial. You need to pack your stuff smartly for your adventure trip so no mishaps occur at all.
You got your makeup box and favorite jumpsuit, what else you need, but yes, being a lone woman traveler, you need to keep several things at hand and pack up accordingly for making it a memorable travel of your life. With these tips, you can have a great time on your trip:

Get a backpack!
A backpack for women is the perfect way to pack things since carrying that trolley everywhere can be a hectic task when you need to run after buses or climb those treacherous treks. You will not get a personal chauffeur so get yourself a comfortable backpack, which has a lot of pockets and space to stuff your things.
Comfortable apparel!
Instead of packing those skinny jeans, try to carry some comfortable clothing, mostly in dark colors. Track pants for women, jeggings, regular fit denims, t-shirts, tunic tops and nautical jackets are quite suitable for any trip.
In case you are going for an adventure trip on mountains, carry a waterproof track jacket with you. Keep one or two pair of denims, and black track pants since they do not look dirty even after a couple of days.

Protection from the sun!
Whether you are going to beach or top of the mountain, sun protection is important. Do not forget to keep a sun block, scarf or hat and a pair of sunglasses with you. Try to have tinted matte sunscreen lotion with you. It will take care of most of the beauty needs. Also, keep lip balm with SPF to protect those lips from harsh UV rays.
Comfy footwear!
I hope you were not thinking about keeping those heels for the trip. Cut some slack to your feet by carrying a pair of sneakers or training footwear. You can also have lifestyle footwear such as loafers with you and several pairs of cotton socks. Just make sure you are able to walk comfortably in them.
I would advise doing basic research about the place you are going to. It will help in getting an idea about the other things you will need. Stay safe and enjoy your trip!
"Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of the India’s leading online fashion destination. She has a keen interest writing about the trends in travel, fashion and beauty. In this article, you can read about tips for making travel easy for lone women travelers."

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